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How do I get IRS Transcipts?

How do I get IRS Transcripts?

How do I get IRS Transcripts?

Need 3rd Party Authorization to obtain

Form 8821 - Tax Information Authorization

  • For unlicensed Professionals/Staff
  • Utilize for Case Investigation
  • No Requirement to represent

Form 2848 – Power of Attorney

  • For CPAs, EAs, Attorneys
  • Used for Representation in a case
  • Gives the ability to act on behalf of the client

What are IRS Transcripts?

  • Archived records submitted to or prepared by the IRS
  • IRS has Recorded include items like
  • Tax Returns
  • Income Records
  • Account Histories

The types of Transcripts

  • 2 Forms of IRS Transcripts
  • External – Records provided by outside parties
  • Internal – Records prepared & used primarily by the IRS. May sometimes help practitioners

How to Get Transcripts

  • 2 Ways to obtain Transcripts
  • IRS E-Services Account
  • After 8821/2848 Has been posted with CAF
  • External Transcripts on only
  • Practitioner’s Priority Line
  • Can fax in 8821/2848 to expedite
  • External & Internal Transcripts

If you Do Not Have an E-Services Account

  • Obtain A CAF Number
  • Prepare an 8821 on yourself
  • Or an 8821 or 2848 (if Licensed) for a client
  • Leave the CAF # field blank
  • Fax into the appropriate CAF Unit per the 8821/2848 instructions
  • Once the CAF Unit processes the form, they will issue you a CAF #
  • Register for E-Services on the IRS Website

Practitioners Priority Service 1 (866) 860-4259 expect to hold for several hours.

IRS only keeps Records of the last 9 years.

Only income is tied to the Social Security Number. Request to unmask records so you see the full name of employers.

Not available for employer Identify number EIN.

Link to IRS Website for form 8821 & 2848

Link to sample 8821 (Recommend download most current from IRS Website) Form 8821 - Tax Information Authorization

Link to Sample Instruction 8821 (Recommend download most current from IRS Website Instruction Form 8821

Link to Sample 2848 Power of Attorney (Recommend download most current form from IRS Website) Form 2848 Power of Attorney

Link to Sample Instruction Form 2848 ( Recommend download most current form from IRS Website) Form 2848 Power of Attorney Instruction